Taming the Tiger, by Akong Rinpoche


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In the first half of this book Akong Rinpoche explains common-sense principles of the Buddhist view as applied to everyday life. The second half consists of a sequence of meditational exercises which, if practised consistently, will provide a basis for self-knowledge, mind therapy and self healing which will continue to serve throughout one's life.

This practical programme has been tested and refined at therapy workshops at Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist centre in Scotland and other centres around the world, where it has proved very beneficial. The teachings in this book are presented by Akong Rinpoche to alleviate the pressures and tensions of the modern Western world.


"At present the mind can be compared to a wild tiger, rampaging through our daily lives. Thus the mind becomes wild and uncontrollable and our freedom is effectively destroyed. Normally we are so blind that we are unaware of how wild our minds really are. When things go wrong we tend to blame other people and circumstances, rather than look inside ourselves for the causes of the suffering. But if we are ever to find true peace or happiness it is that wildness within which must be faced and dealt with." Akong Rinpoche.


Paperback, 208 pages. Rider, 1994


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